Tapioca Starch

SPECIFICATION: 1.) Specification will prvide you when you have contact me by whatsapp or email. 2.) Buyer also send the LOI with mention the specification buyer needed, so we can match them with Cassava secification we have.

  • Category: COMMODITTIES
  • Unit: BULK
  • Price: $

COOKING OIL 1.) Origin: Indonesia or (Seller Choice). 2.) Inspection: SGS at loading port (Seller Cost) 3.) All Certificate POP will provide after recieve 45% against standard shipping documents 4.) Insurance: 110% 5.) Performance Bond 6.) Prices: CIF ASWP $1250. 7.) MOQ 30,000 MT/12.

Payment Term For First Transaction with Our Company: 1.) Our Company Payment term: TT 5% deposit upon invoice receipt. 2.) Another 45% against standard shipping documents. 3.) For balance 50% upon delivery. Payment Term Option #2 after second contract with our Company: 1.) OUR PAYMENT TERMS: 100% TRANSFERABLE IRREVOCABLE OPERATIVE DIVISIBLE LC MT700 or 100% TRANSFERABLE IRREVOCABLE OPERATIVE DIVISIBLE SBLC MT760. 2.) Buyer sends Draft LC/SBLC/ to our company within 3-5 working days after signing the contract agreement between Seller and Buyer to be signed by our company and send back to Buyer. 3.) The buyer confirms that after the Draft LC/SBLC signed by the Seller has been received, the debriefing or issuance time will be carried out within 3-5 working days. 4.) After the Buyer confirms that he has issued the LC/SBLC as specified, the Seller must proceed to the next stage as soon as possible as stated in the Contract Agreement. Thank you and Have a nice day.