A.U Export Commodity is an export and import company engaged in Agriculture, Handicrafts and Other Products from Local Indonesia and Other Country Products which includes sales and delivery to all over the world with superior products and excellent, good and comfortable service.


In 2020 we will only operate domestically until the end of 2021. And we see an opportunity where the need for Agriculture and Handicrafts and Life Support Products from the world's population is increasing and inspired us to confidently decide to sell our products to the world stage since the beginning of 2022 to meet the needs of world trade. And petrify the world for the better.


To become the leading, trusted and largest provider of Agricultural and Handicraft products in Indonesia and the World at affordable and competitive prices. With the best quality products and services to our customers, business practitioners and partners.


Selling products that you need the world's population on a small or large scale and making it easier for you to find products that suit your desires with good quality and meet the world market.

Our team
Vicky Hadi Kusuma
Chief Executive Officer
I Gusti Kadek Andi Dipayana
Sales Manager
I Gede Arif Santiyoga
Marketing Manager

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